10 Hula Hoop Games and Activities

10 Hula Hoop Games and Activities

With all the fun equipment in the PE cupboard, a Hula Hoop might not be the first thing that catches your eye. However, with a little imagination and creative thinking, the possibilities are endless! To help get you started, we’ve put together our top 10 Hula Hoop games:

1. Hula Hoop Team Link
The aim of this fun team game is to pass a Hula hoop through your team by climbing in and out of it without breaking the team link. Start by standing side-by-side holding hands. Begin to pass the hoop, but if you break the link, you must start again! Why not race your friends and see which team can complete the challenge first?

2. Bean Bag Toss
Create a quick and simple bean bag toss using Hula hoops. Simply scatter some hoops on the floor, we used a variation of sizes to make it more challenging! We also used Numbered Markers as a point system to track each players score. Each player gets 5 Beanbags, the player with the highest score at the end wins!

3. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Hula Hoop!
Split the group of players in half and lay out 20 Hula Hoops in a straight line. Each team stands on one end of the line and when the whistle blows, 1 player from each team must jump 2-footed into the hoops
making their way down the line. When the players meet in the middle, they play rock, paper, scissors. Whoever loses the game returns to their team. The winner continues to jump ahead and the next player from
the opposing team jumps until they meet in the middle. When a player jumps from one side of the line to the other, without being defeated, they win a point for their team.

4. Dolphin Island Tag
To play this game, you will need some Marker cones, Hula Hoops and a Dolphin (tagger). Simply, mark out the playing area using cones and scatter the hoops out within the area. The rest of the players must get
away from the Dolphin and try not to be tagged. The inside of the Hula hoops are safe zones, and a player can only stay on the island for 5 seconds at a time. The Dolphin cannot tag a player on an island, and the
game ends when all the players have been tagged!

5. Obstacle Course
Get creative and create an Obstacle course! Our obstacle course involved a tyre run using 6 hoops, crawling through a hoop using Plastic Bases and putting the hoop over your head and drop it to your feet to run back and tag the next team mate. The team to complete the course first wins!

6. Bean Bag Stash
For this game you will need 4 teams of 2 players. Assign each team a colour: Red/Blue/Green or Yellow. Lay 4 hoops on the floor to make a square, each hoop should represent each team colour. Each hoop will have 10 team coloured beanbags inside. When the whistle blows, the aim of the game is to defend your teams bean bags and grab others from the opposing teams. The teams with the most bean bags after 1-minute wins!

7. Skipping
Using a large Hula hoop, you can practice your skipping! Simply hold the Hoop in front of your waist and skip into the hoop and swing it over your head and repeat.

8. Hula Hoop Pass
Work in pairs and practice rolling Hula hoops to one another. To make it more difficult, try swapping hoops at the same time. Make it a competition, the team to make the first 20 successful passes wins!

9. Hula Hoop Marathon
Practice your Hula hooping skills and try a Hula Hoop Marathon! Get together in a group and start hula hooping at the same time, the person who can hula for the longest wins!

10. Ring Toss
A fairground favourite! Using Noodles, hoops and cones, create your own ring toss! Lay out the noodles in a triangle shape and take turns to throw the hoops over the noodles. The player who can get the most points out of 5 wins! Why not make it more difficult and lay out the noodles in different formations? or number them for different points.

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