21 Epic Hiking Trails Around the World | Vacation Ideas

21 Epic Hiking Trails Around the World | Vacation Ideas

The Trails Are Calling
Looking for a fun, adventurous, and affordable summer vacation? Go take a hike — literally. Hiking is a great way to see waterfalls, mountain peaks, and alpine meadows without spending a lot of money. And a hike isn’t just something to do on a summer afternoon. There are many trails that are best experienced on multi-day hikes, both in the United States and overseas. Hikers don’t need much to get started: good boots, a backpack, basic camping gear, and in some cases a permit. Many trails have inexpensive huts or lodges to use along the way, and dining is more pork and beans than filet mignon. Cheapism rounded up some of the best hiking trails around the globe.

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