5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Virginia Beach, Virginia | US Travel Guide

5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Virginia Beach, United States

Known for its outstanding beaches, Virginia Beach is a haven for summer sun seekers and families who come to swim in the ocean and bask in the sunshine. Beyond the beach and during the winter months there is still plenty to see and do. Nature abounds, whether it’s in the waters of the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge or the tanks and displays of the Virginia Aquarium. Those looking to get active and experience some excitement can stop by the Adventure Park for a zip-lining thrill or head out on the water for a day of kayaking. History buffs will want to stop by the Military Aviation Museum or First Landing State Park. Those lucky enough to be visiting during the summer months will find plenty of beach space and all kinds of water-based activities. Let’s see five tourist attractions in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

1. Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Resort Beach
2. Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center
3. First Landing State Park
4. Sandbridge Beach
5. Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

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