BEST Family Holiday Destinations 2019 | Places to Travel with Family! (ideas others don't think of!)

BEST Family Holiday Destinations 2019 | Places to Travel with Family! (ideas others don't think of!)

What are the BEST family holiday destinations in 2019? Here are our top picks. Something for EVERYONE | Beach, Adventure and Luxury Resorts. EVERYTHING

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We put together these ideas, information and tips to help you pick and plan the perfect family holiday for 2019! Family vacations are so hard to choose, but we have come up with 8 amazing and unique ideas for you. We can tell you about budget, accommodation, food and child care. We have included something for every budget! Hope you like them!

What are the BEST family holiday destinations in 2019?

1. Thailand (and Cambodia): Shopping, elephants, good prices, amazing food, excellent accommodation at great prices, child care. Accommodation: Our Jungle Camp Khao Sok

2. Prague: Czech Republic, bobsleigh castles, great beer. Good prices for Europe. Punkva Caves (south of the Czech republic) and the Hruboskalsko stone forest (Bohemian Paradise Turnov) Accomodation: Residence U Malvaze

3. England: Seaside towns, Fish, chips and mushy peas. Can be expensive but it is possible to do it more cheaply. Bridlington. Accomodation: The expanse

4. Bali: Clear waters, waterfalls, rice paddies, volcanoes and hot springs. Accommodation: Bumi Muwa Ubud Katiklantang

5. Croatia: Clear waters, lovely towns, great food, waterparks, Plitvice Lakes are well worth a visit. Accommodation: Apartments Žuvela

6. China: Amazing culture, VERY different. Epic food, amazing landscapes. Great wall of China (There is a bobsleigh at Mutianyu Great Wall). Water slide water park. Teracotta warriors in Xian and city walls. Rainbow mountains (Zhangye Danxia) and Avatar stone forest (Zhang Jia Jie). China can be VERY cheap. Accomodation: Peking Yard Hostel and Red lantern House in Beijing.

7. Ecuador: Lots of epic places to visit Banos, Kito, Mindo, Galapagos and the Amazon jungle. Loads of adventurous activities such as canyoning, climbing, trekking and white water rafting. Accommodation: La Casona de la Ronda Hotel

8. Scotland: Edinburgh, loch ness and lots of beautiful scenery – we love the West Coast.

IF you want a break down of each place we feature we’ve made a pretty and easier to scroll through page here with all the info you’ll need. This blog has ALL of the accommodation links:

Here’s the link to book your accommodation:

Feel free to ask more questions about all the places we have shared.


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