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  1. Joe Wood on January 29, 2023 at 7:26 pm

    Why do they have deer season, in fact in the UK we had the yearly deer cull. I am imagining it’s for the same reason in America as it is in the UK to keep the deer population under control.

    I understand the logic in that, a park ranger in London some years ago explain it to me when I asked him why you have to kill the deers.
    He said because the Park is a confined space, so if we didn’t do anything the deers will multiply and overpopulated the park which is a confined space and destroy it for themselves and all the other wildlife that rely upon it.

    I said to him okay" I understand the logic what you are saying, so why doesn’t that logic apply to the human species, For does not this island shared the same problem as that park limited space. if the deers can overpopulated that confined space and destroy it, then why can’t we over populate this island or planet and destroy it.
    He said I’m not getting into that and walked away.

    The human race, the biggest hypocrites on this planet, it will happily keep all the other species population under control and this is because the human species as killed all the natural predators, the human species as upset the natural balance of this planet through its inability to control its own numbers, this is so it can endlessly multiply and spread across the planet and to do this it will have to invade the habitats of the wildlife, so it can carry on endlessly building homes of the endless number of people.

    This is the species that claims to care about the wildlife so much and wishes to protect their habitat and their future.

    Question to the human species, how can you live in a confined space have endless growth in your own species and at the same time claim you wish to protect all the other species in this confined space?

    so it’s quite obvious isn’t it the human species as no ability to understand how the planet works, otherwise it would be keeping its own population in order as well.

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