Flint River Kayak Explore Ft Flukemaster Bass Master Fishing Report Georgia USA match fishing EP.391

Flint River Kayak Explore Ft Flukemaster Bass Master Fishing Report Georgia USA match fishing EP.391

A kayak explore fishing report from the Flint river, where Gene Jensen a true Bass Master, Allen Ragsdale a great Bass fishing guide and I match fish for a Georgia River Slam in Georgia state USA. We show you the fishing tackle we use, as well as some of the best bass fishing lures. None of us are fishing from Walmart Kayaks, and in fact when i get home I will be fishing from a Viking Kayak, where I will do some kayak camping, catch and cook videos.

The Georgia weather is very questionable on the day of our Match fishing kayak adventure. We all have our kayak PDF with us and none of our craft have a kayak rudder, but we have sturdy kayak paddles. We each catch more fish than the three species required for the slam. which is a Large Mouth Bass, Spotted Bass and Shoal Bass.Our kayak paddle begins early. Our Jackson kayaks are fitted with kayak seats and plenty of kayak storage.

FlukeMaster channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/flukemstr
Allen – Fall Line Guiding – Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Falllineguideservice/

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    I’m really surprised they didn’t show you the only true way to tell largemouth from spotted bass. A spotted bass has a rough sandpaper like patch on it’s tongue, a largemouth tongue is completely smooth.

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