LUXURIOUS Hiking Retreats

LUXURIOUS Hiking Retreats

From living in a circular pod, to some high roller RV’s here are luxurious hiking retreats.

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6.Chewton Glen
It doesn’t get any closer to nature than staying in a tree, but at Chewton Glen in England, you can do it in style. They currently offer four different suites, each with their own allure. The first suite is the perfect getaway for a family or group of friends. The second is all about privacy, making it an ideal honeymoon vacation. The third is a popstar experience and includes a night in a professional recording studio. Finally, you have the option of choosing not a suite, but your very own private treehouse suspended 35-feet above the ground. No matter which treehouse experience you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the lush and vibrant scenery of New Forest in Hampshire.

5. Eco Camp, Chile
This campsite opened in 2001 with one idea in mind: sustainability. Located in the Patagonian region of Chile, Eco Camp strives to remain a zero-impact accommodation site for those who want to experience the beauty and richness of Tierra Del Fuega. During your stay, you can experience a one-of-a-kind adventure led by Eco Camp’s experienced guides. Choose a nine-day hike through John Gardner Pass, the French Valley, and the glaciers or choose a wildlife safari or any activity in between, from biking to yoga. No matter how you fill your days, your nights will be spent in one of Eco Camp’s geodesic domes. Your options range from the basic dome to one of their luxury camping sites, which will include wood stoves, enclosed porches, king size beds, and terraces to enjoy the breathtaking view available from anywhere in Eco Camp.

4. Yosemite Luxury
Yosemite National Park takes a massive part of land in Northern California which covers 1,168 square miles.It’s known for it’s granite cliff sides, waterfalls, mountains and tall sequoia trees which attracted over 5 million tourists in 2016. The highest peak here reaches over 13000 feet and contains o ver 70 0 species of plants. A large variety of wildlife call this park home including black bears, marmots, foxes, bobcats and mule deer.There’s plenty of amazing nature to check out here, that’s people are willing to spend the extra money for some luxury camping equipment. A company known as Collective retreats this company offers this luxurious tent for about 600 per night. Luxury tents can be placed where hotels cannot be, which gives this company an advantage.

3. Malibu RV’s
You know it’s going to get a little bit fancy when people in malibu decided to camp out in their luxury RV’s and what not. It’s difficult to even call this camping when you caviar and a flushing toilet on board, but it might be camping for celebrities. In some cases, RV’s will line up the coast and who knows how long they’ll be there for! Who needs to leave, when you got beautiful views of the California coastline. Don’t be surprised if you see some of the most expensive RV’s that cost over a million dollars each parked here on a sunny day. Who needs a beachside hotel when you got some wheels like this! You can almost compare things such as the featherlite vantare platinum plus for 2.5 million dollars as being a mansion on wheels! The website claims the RV’s are of premier yacht quality, but with a luxury car engine under the hood.

2. India Beach Tents
This jaw-dropping encampment is located right on the beaches in India. The luxurious tents are built in a high-quality fashion near pristine beaches. Although it might look like it runs for a high price, many people enjoy flocking to the— beaches here since it’s cheaper than many luxurious resort towns.. The tents are furnished with modern and sleek finishes, flowing cotton drapes, a spa-like bathroom, and air conditioning. The tents are designed in the Mughal style, a famous example of which is the Taj Mahal. The tents are centered on a communal outdoor fireplace which is the perfect location to enjoy the breathtaking landscape. During your stay, you can experience all that the beach has to offer, including scuba diving and other activities

1. Emma Gorge Resort, Australia
This amazing campsite in Australia is the perfect way to experience the timeless landscape of Australia. During your stay, you can see incredible waterfalls, gorges, magnificent cliffs and thermal springs. The list is endless, but no matter where you go, the landscape is sure to amaze. Staying in El Questro, you have a few options, but one of the most popular is in one of their canvas tents in the picturesque setting of Emma Gorge. Each tent has Wi-Fi, en suite bathrooms, comfortable beds, and unbeatable views right from your personal veranda. Although these glamping tents don’t have all the amenities of some of the locations on this list, this is a perfect way to combine nature and luxury for a unique experience.


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