Olly Olly Octopus – Traditional Outdoor Games Challenge For Kids – No 4 – Rain-shine

Olly Olly Octopus – Traditional Outdoor Games Challenge For Kids – No 4 – Rain-shine

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Tig, Tag, Catch, or It. A game of many names and variations loved by many generations of children the world over. This is one traditional game that is still played in every school playground. It takes no planning, preparation or special equipment. All you need are a few willing participants and plenty of energy. Everyone knows how to play Tig.

Our Rain-shine team have been trying out some traditional games. Most of the games, we have had to teach the kids. I find it sad that many playground games I played have been forgotten. Thankfully Tig is just as popular today and everyone could join in without instruction.

Olly Olly octopus is a variation of Tig. Its a little more organised, but still loads of fun. Start by marking out an area of ‘sea’. The octopus stands in the centre. The other players stand at one edge. The players shout out “Olly Olly octopus, can we cross your deep blue sea”. The octopus replies “only if you are wearing (red)”. The players wearing the chosen colour can cross safely. The remaining players then run across the sea and the octopus catches as many as possible. Once caught, the players become ‘seaweed’ and help the octopus catch their friends in the next turn.

I love how traditional games change over time and vary depending on geographic location. The two little girls in our video come from different areas of Scotland and had a bit of difficulty agreeing on the rules! They showed great team work trying to decide how best to play.

What variations of Tig do you know? What’s your favourite traditional game?

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