Our Camping Trip in San Antonio, Texas (Guadalupe River Campgrounds) | Fun Vlog#1

Our Camping Trip in San Antonio, Texas (Guadalupe River Campgrounds) | Fun Vlog#1

Hi y’all, we’re Gabriel and Kristina, San Antonio REALTOR Couple!

We love San Antonio, TX and we make videos about living in SA, RealEstate as well as other stuff

In this video, Kristina gets to experience Camping for the very first time!
Gabriel tried to give her a “glamping” experience and the 1-day trip was extended to 2 days!

We sang, swam, tubed, ate, and best of all survived a small little storm!

We hope you like this video and if you want to learn more about San Antonio Texas please do get in touch!

The camping grounds we chose was the Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds: http://www.guadaluperv.com/
We highly recommend it

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