Passport America – RV Camping Membership – 50% Discount at Campgrounds

Passport America – RV Camping Membership – 50% Discount at Campgrounds

If you would like to join Passport America and save up to 50% on your RV campground fees here’s the link!

In this YouTube video Mike and Susan of RVBlogger review the Passport America Discount Camping Membership. The Passport America rules, membership cost, restrictions, tips tricks and hacks to save money, the trip planning tool are all reviewed. We also review the little known fact that Passport America locations are available in the RV Trip Wizard trip planning tool making Passport America even more convenient.

Learn all of the details about the Passport America RV Club- the original 50% off Camping Membership. Find out why Mike and Susan of RVBlogger think this RV campground membership is a no brainer! Whether you are a fulltime RVer, a weekend warrior, or a vacation RVer this campground membership will save you lots of money!

We are members of Passport America and use the membership ourselves or we would not recommend this discount campground membership.

RVBlogger reviews What Passport America is, how we save up to 50% off at RV Parks and campgrounds.

If you would like to join Passport America – please use our link! At no cost to you we make a small commission which helps us to cover our costs of producing YouTube videos and writing articles on the website.
We truly appreciate the support! ❤️ Just use our link!


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  1. Hard Truth on May 27, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    We are going to give Passport America a try. There are several places close to us.

  2. Downsizing Makes Cents on May 27, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    We are finally going to be on the road again after two months hunkered down in Central Florida. We are definitely going to look into Passport America. Thanks for the info and link to discount. We love state parks but can’t always get in. But we don’t need “resorts” either. Good to know the app has such easy info to get to. We need to get RV Trip Wizard. Thanks for explaining it so clearly and concisely. Take care. Alice

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