Top 5 Best-Selling Fishing Boats 2019 – 2020 ✪ Price & Specs 1

Top 5 Best-Selling Fishing Boats 2019 – 2020 ✪ Price & Specs 1

Are you searching for the best fishing boats available in the market? Fishing boats are normally single or multi-engine outboards with provisions for fishing tools and supplies. Most boats now feature a centre console for that 360-degree perspective and enough space around the deck to manoeuvre a tackle. This video lists the top 5 fishing boats from popular boat companies and manufacturers.

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Avenger 24 Bay ✪ US$ 64,800

The Avenger AV-24 has an overall length of 24 feet 8 inches and a beam of 8 1/2 feet built with the serious fisherman in mind. This stable fishing platform is complimented with standard equipment like two live release and one bait well, dual lockable rod storage boxes, and an anchor locker built to accommodate both bow and stern anchors. The Avenger AV-24 is rated for a single engine of up to 300 HP and features an 89 gallon capacity fuel load, making your favorite fishing spot easily and quickly accessible.

Sea Hunt Gamefish 27 ✪ starts at US$ 125,000

This series delivers exactly what serious fishermen demand in a sportfishing center console boat.  These boats come ready to fish with standard features such as multiple insulated fishboxes and livewells, cockpit and bow bolsters, all stainless hardware and Yamaha Digital Command Link Gauges.  The Gamefish 25, 27, and 30 have side entry doors, recessed trim tabs, and hydraulic steering as standard equipment as well.  The cockpits are designed to have abundant room for 360° of fishing.  These hulls deliver soft dry rides second to none.

MAKO 284 CC Offshore ✪ starts at US$ 160,000

The MAKO® 284 CC is a perfect predator, whether you’re hunting marlin in the Gulf Stream or mahi in the kelp paddies. Powered by up to 700 horses and with a 228-gal. fuel capacity, it’s got the range and speed to get you out farther and keep you out longer. The 284 CC is well-equipped to fish, with aft in-deck port and starboard 290-qt. fishboxes, and outrigger-ready fiberglass hardtop and a full-featured baitstation.

Everglades 295 CC ✪ starts at US$ 230,000

The 295cc may be Everglades’ mid-size offering, but there’s nothing mid-sized about its features or abilities. Anglers can target any quarry in style with lockable rod storage in the bow, in and under the gunwales as well as across the transom and on the hardtop. The molded in-console head couldn’t be easier to clean, and it provides plenty of headroom for taller people to change or shower. Speaking of easy to clean, you will not find any unfinished surfaces aboard the 295cc. Few boats this size and style can make that claim.

Contender 39FA ✪ starts at US$ 549,000

The 39 Fisharound is the culmination of tournament fishing comfort and knowledge. Optimized for speed without sacrificing “fish-ability” this 39 has creature comforts, and the attention to detail that only a captain would craft. The fisharound has a cabin console, and cruising speeds over 60mph.  The fishability of a center console, and the convenience of a sport fish or express model. The 39 Fisharound also features the performance of Contender’s smooth-riding twin-step hull. Power it with triple Yamaha F350 outboards for speeds in the 70 mph range.


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  1. Flyingaceful on July 6, 2020 at 7:50 pm

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  9. Larry Jeanfreau on July 6, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    28 ft seafox. Needs to on the list

  10. Bryan Robinson on July 6, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    Your telling me that a half a million dollar fishing boat is the #1 best- selling fishing boat. I seriously doubt that 🙄.

  11. jwrappuhn71 on July 6, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    The prices on these boats are absolutely ridiculous, just ridiculous.

  12. MIke J on July 6, 2020 at 8:15 pm

    I’ll supply the bait & boat licence, you supply the boat, boat rego and insurance 👍

  13. Victor Da Silva on July 6, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    I’ll take the Everglades

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