Best Sea Cave Ever: sea kayaking "The Loop" in Olympic National Park.

Of all the caves to sea kayak on Washington’s Olympic coast, this is my favorite. Thomas leads the way as we disappear into the first cave. Near its end, a chamber opens to the right, allowing passage into a different cave. The second cave is shallow and has occasional breaking waves, so we hit that one on the way out since it is more challenging (it is easier when you are paddling into the waves as opposed to them coming from behind). Want to visit it yourself? I can’t remember exactly where it is, but you can let the map on my deck be your guide. The right water height will be required to get through; though I also can’t recall the tide height when this was taped – I believe it is relatively high.

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  1. M McOmie on December 21, 2020 at 10:52 pm

    Do you have a rough idea where this is?

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