Flight safety with SAS – Learn about SAS safety gadgets | SAS

Flight safety with SAS – Learn about SAS safety gadgets | SAS

SAS cares a lot about flight safety. In this video, you can learn about the SAS safety gadgets in an airline and how much SAS prioritize their airlines safety!

This video is presented by SAS and introduces SAS flight safety. In the video we will meet Elena Persson, an air hostess, who works at SAS. Elena is an expert in flight safety and will show us all the SAS safety gadgets in a plane.
Firstly, Elena shows us cockpit whilst she talks about the flight safety in cockpit. She shows us where the pilot’s oxygen masks are hidden, and the airlines safety in case of a fire.
Next up Elena shows us all the SAS safety gadgets in the cabin.
After Elena has shown the SAS safety gadgets in the cabin she approaches the back of the plane. Here she shows us where to find the oxygen, first aid kit, slide and masks – which are all very important SAS safety gadgets.

SAS prioritize the airlines safety and works systematically to improve the flight safety culture at all levels within the organization. Actually, SAS aims for a leading position in the airline industry with a highly developed safety culture.
SAS’s safety work has top priority and is a part of the company’s DNA. The airlines safety rests on value, skills and experience of all employees throughout the organization. The airlines safety culture includes actively learning, adapting and modifying individual and organizational behaviour to constantly improve operations and reduce exposure to risk.

In 2014, SAS underwent IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certification, which is comparable with ISO 9000 certification. This was the sixth time in twelve years that SAS has completed this flight safety audit.
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This video shows that SAS cares about their airlines safety and next time you go travelling you know exactly where to find the SAS safety gadgets!

SAS offers more Scandinavian destinations from UK than any other airline. Our global network also includes Europe, US and Asia. See our destinations right here, and remember that every plane has the same SAS safety gadgets onboard:

SAS cares about their flight safety and its one of the airlines biggest priorities. Therefore you shouldn’t be afraid of flying with SAS!
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