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  1. PinFish53 on December 30, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Everybody is now copying the Keitech Swimbaits which have been out for awhile. Nothing new here at all. As i keep saying everythng that is old is new again. It’s funny when i see a Lure Co. promote a "Quote a new Product" just to find out it’s something i fished with in the 60s or 70s. They just change the colors or packaging a little and sell it as a new design. Bagley was making life like Crankbaits 20 yrs before anybody else. The original Creme worm is now sold as a Finance Worm. What a joke. I have a Square billed Crank bait from the 70s again not a new design. The Heddon sonic was one of the first lipless crankbaitsl out 15 yrs. before anybody. It’s all about Marketing and Fisherman that are willing to buy the Hype. Yes i do agree that Co. refine the original design’s slightly and they use different material’s to make them with which were not available in the earlier versions, But the core design is not original. Here is a direct example of my statements. My father who passed last yr. at 90 yrs. of age started messing around with injection molding in the late 50s and early 60s. He lived in the St. Pete and Ruskin area’s of Fla. He caught little pinfish and baitfish, made molds from them and used the injection plastic machine to make life like replica’s of them. He also made some worm molds similar to the creme worms that were out at the time. The hard baits were 2 sided and then glued together and then hook hardware was added. The problem with the worms he was molding was that the plastics at that time was not very soft so they came out not as life like as he wanted so he focused on the hard baits. Some were clear body’s with different foil inserts and some were solid colored with and without glitter to resemble scales. Due to having 2 Children to raise and not having the funding to carry on he had to let his passion and project’s go. The point i as making is that the goal to make Very Life Like Lures has been going on for a long time. I always said my Father was ahead of his time when it came to making Hard Baits. If the Soft Plastic material that is available today was around back then, There is no telling what the worms would have been like. Who knows there might have been a Lure Co. called the "Ray Lord Lures". Love ya Dad

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