Kayaking in Redwood shores. Bay Area Weekend Trips.

Kayaking in Redwood shores. Bay Area Weekend Trips.

Another way to have fun during a weekend.

There are many ways to kayak in Bay Area. Both Foster City and Redwood City Shores located on the east side of the highway 101 have a net of canals with calm water and interesting views. Today, we are going to explore some of those canals.

Not so long ago, in 1960s this place was marshes and salt evaporation ponds then it became a water park called Marine Word and now it’s a quiet neighborhood, which I like to compare to Italian Venice.

It may be a challenge to find a good access spot because many places are private property. Anyway, Marlin Park has a nice little beach near soccer field which makes it a perfect place to get started.

We paddled from park to Redwood shores lagoon, to the bridge near the public library. This is a long stretch of water often used for boat races.

There are plenty birds on the way, cormorants, egrets, sea gulls even lonely swan. We saw the swan in a small lagoon at the North-East tip of our route. Swans are territorial and a pair of these birds was brought to ward off Canada geese. Sadly, female was killed.

The place is beautiful any time of the year. Really easy kayaking even for a beginner but do not forget to wear your flotation device.

Leslie Salt Company was gathering salt here since 1920’s and then decided to develop the place into residential community in 1960s. The old evaporation ponds were quickly filled with some soil mixed with construction debris. It took time but eventually the so-called “waterfront master planned community” came to be.

It is worth noting that the Redwood Shores is still surrounded by marshes and sloughs with muddy shores and we do not recommend venture there unless you have appropriate experience and training.

Lagoons and canals in internal parts of the city between Marine Parkway and Redwood Shores Parkway is your best bet if you want to enjoy the adventure.

Thanks for watching, add a comment if you have any useful or interesting information to share and good luck in your travels!

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    Nice video, but I liked it when it was more natural.

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    Hi bear, nice vid looks like a lovely way to see around the bay area.keep up the good work.

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